Full Pokemon episodes can be watched through the TV App

Pokemon TV App allows users to watch full Pokemon episodes which are ad free

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Those who love Pokemon would be thrilled to know that this super hit animated series now has an app which allows users to watch full Pokemon episodes.

The application is now available for iOS and Android and is called Pokemon TV app.This allows users to watch Ad free full Pokemon episodes through the TV app. The application includes 50 fan favorite ad free Pokemon episodes from seasons 1-15.The episodes are updated on a weekly basis.

The beauty of the application is that the  full episodes of pokemon are ad free and are updated weekly which will be a feast for Pokemon lovers with something new to look upto every week.

The recent Pokemon movie called Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice will also be available through the Pokemon TV app from February 15-18.Additionally the animated short Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade will also be available from March 4th.

This is the first mobile software for the iOS and Android devices by the Pokemon company.The next Pokemon games to release will be Pokemon X and Y, which is expected to release in october for 3DS.

Ad free Full Pokemon Episodes is a brilliant application created by the company to add to the already superhit animated series.


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