Time and fate mission in Black Ops 2

Time and Fate Mission in Black ops 2

Starting of the time and fate missionAfter i completed the mission Old wounds in black ops 2 last week i played the Time and Fate mission today which revealed why menendez changed as a person in 2025.The mission involves a player playing as Menedez as well as mason.

Courtyard in time and fate missionWhile playing as Raul Menendez in the mission you  meet Manuel Noriega face to face.Once you get free you need to charge the enemies killing them on the field and then making your way towards Josefina whom you later find out gets killed in an explosion.

While playing as Mason you need to fight your way through only to find out that Norieg's impatience ended up screwing you..

Through the forest in time and fate
You can snipe your way through the courtyard in the time and fate mission as  the fire team will be under heavy fire and snipe will be the best tactic.

a house burning in the missionThe final part of the mission just involves mason letting woods taking the lead throughout before the mission comes to an end.

Just like a few other missions of Black ops 2 i have played earlier Time and fate was fun.The best part about the mission was sniping.I would definitely rate this mission as a 9/10 as it has a good balance of story and fight sequences within it.

Time and Fate Mission Videos:

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