Tips and Tricks to improve Gmail experience

Tips and Tricks of Gmail you might not know

Google's Gmail is one of the fastest email systems you will find .There are a few tips and tricks that can improve your Gmail experience which i will focus on in this post.

Initially when Google started Gmail it was an email which could be registered for only if you received an invitation from someone who already had access to it.Google has come a long way since then and this growing email system is one of the most frequently used these days because of its simplicity and speed.

Let me now share with you a few  of the best Tips and Tricks which will help in your everyday Gmail use.

Gmail Tips and Tricks:

Gmail logoMute:

This feature can be used to ignore messages.To use this feature on the inbox, select one or more messages. Then click on More menu and choose the Mute option.

Quoting in Reply:

If you highlight only a portion of the text and click reply that will be the only part that will show in the reply as a quote.

Gmail Chat:

This feature stops history from being saved in Gmail Chat(Not the Google Talk)this can be access through the more menu in Gmail Chat.This is one of the tips and tricks of Gmail which will help your privacy in case you forgot to log out from a public computer

Increasing Undo Send Time:

One of the best Tips and Tricks for Gmail is the undo send time.This helps in stopping an email from being sent.Under Settings-->General, under Undo Send you can increase the time for which the Undo Send link will appear after sending the email.

New account activity Feature:

The account activity link that appears in the bottom right corner is one of the best security features that Show all active sessions and also allows users to sign out from all Gmail sessions no matter which computer they might be logged into.

Do you know of any other Tips and tricks for Gmail which i have not included?Please let me know in the comment section below.


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