Triple H returns at WWE Raw on 25/02/2013

WWE Raw on 25/02/2013:Results,Review and HHH'S return

At last week's WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 we saw Vince McMahon promise a fight against Paul Heyman.The WWE Raw on 25/02/2013 started off with the show hyping about the McMahon-Heyman fight,The Rocks WWE Title and John Cena-CM Punk angle.

Vince McMahon made his way to the ring on crutches and said that everyone liked to do things in a big way and with WrestleMania was getting closer something big needed to happen every week at Raw.Vince further said he was ready to fight and called out Paul Heyman.

HHH Returned to WWE Raw on 25/02/2013
After Paul Heyman made his way to the ring he said that he was waiting to face Vince McMahon at WWE Raw on 25/02/2013. Heyman further said about how Vince has taken out every promoter in the business and said he is coming for everything Vince has got.In the ring Heyman tackled Vince and hit  his injured hip with one of Vince's Crutches.Vince McMahon recovered and hits Heyman from his crutches as well and knocked him out.After this Brock Lesnar's music hit and he came out towards the ring ready to fight McMahon.

As Brock Lesnar got set to attack Vince.Triple H’s music hits and he came out the ring Startling Lesnar.A fight starts off from there with Triple H and Brock Lesnar going all out.Lesnar seemed to have been busted open and eventually retreated and the segment ended with Triple H's music being played and Brock Lesnar checking his wound while going backstage.

During the next segment of the show another teaser of Fandago was shown.Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger again spoke about how the people from the other side of the border enter their country and forget to leave if they fail.This upset  Alberto Del Rio who was also in the ring with The Miz at that time.Del Rio said that America is the greatest country on earth because it is a place for everyone and if Coulter had a problem with him he should have the balls to face him.

A small segment showed Sheamus making fun of Wade Barrett telling him how small Barrett's role in the upcoming movie 'dead man walking' was.Out came Barrett with a mic and after speaking for a bit Sheamus avoided a clothesline from Barrett and in the same way Barrett avoided the Brogue kick from Sheamus.

The Shield spoke about how nervous they have made every superstar at WWE Raw.They further spoke about how they dropped Chris Jericho,John Cena,Ryback and Sheamus.After this out came Sheamus and challenged them to fight him on stage.As Reigns and Ambrose started up the ramp Randy Orton came towards the ring and gave an RKO to Rollins and went through the crowd as they chanted his name.

A clip from Saturday Night's main event was shown which showed the return of Undertaker.Jerry Lawler further spoke about how this time every year there is a speculation of Undertaker's return to the grandest stage of them all 'Wrestlemania'.This Week's WWE Raw was also supposed to determine the No.1 contender to face The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Full results of WWE Raw on 25/02/2013

WWE Raw Results on 25/02/2013
Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler
Mark Henry Defeated The Great Khali
Randy Orton Defeated Antonio Cesaro
R Truth Defeated Cody Rhodes
Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Darren Young and Titus O'Neil
Jack Swagger defeated The Miz
John Cena Defeated CM Punk in #1 Contender’s Match

For me the highlight of WWE Raw on 25/02/2013 was the return of HHH and a hope that showed Undertaker would also be returning to the WWE Soon.

What did you think about WWE Raw on 25/02/2013?


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