The Rock retains championship at WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013

WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013:The Rock retains Championship,The Shield shock the WWE universe with defeat over Cena,Sheamus and Ryback

The PPV started off with a bang with highlights from Smackdown on 15/02/2013 where The Rock called out CM punk to get back his title which was stolen from him.

The pre show of the WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013 had a match scheduled between Tensai and Brodus Clay.Initially while coming to the ring Tensai didn't look in the mood for dancing but after the match was won by Tensai and Brodus clay he eventually did loosen up a bit started dancing.

WWE Elimination Chamber official cover posterA preview of Elimination Chamber and the matches which were supposed to take place were shown.Dolph Ziggler sadly did not cash in his Money in the bank brief case during the Pay Per view.

There were quite a few shockers during the show such as The Shield defeating John Cena,Sheamus and Ryback which is the biggest upset in the WWE in the recent history.

Elimination Chamber match is always fun to see but the physical damage the wrestlers go through is really immense.The Chamber match saw all the wrestlers give it their all and take a lot of damage to the body.The match resulted in Jack Swagger winning to become the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

The sequence in which the superstars entered in the WWE Elimination Chamber match on 17/02/2013

  1. Chris Jericho
  2. Daniel Bryan
  3. Jack Swagger
  4. Kane
  5. Randy Orton
  6. Mark Henry
I kind of had a feeling that Mark Henry might become the number 1 contender for the WWE championship but it was not to be.

Dolph Ziggler against Kofi Kingston saw Ziggler win the match courtesy of  Zigzag as Kofi Kingston's loosing streak continued.

Kaitlyn Vs Tamina was another shocker for me as i expected Tamina to defeat Kaitlyn but that as not to be as Kaityn regained championship.

Finally,The Rock Vs CM Punk match was the main event at WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013. The odds were against Rock's Favor as he could lose the championship even if he was disqualified.

The Rock eventually did retain the WWE Championship much to the delight of the World Wrestling entertainment Universe.

So i guess this proves it John Cena Vs The Rock 1 was not once in a lifetime we are heading into Wrestlemania with John Ccena Vs The Rock II.

Results of WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013

WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013 Results
Tensai and Brodus Clay Defeated Team Rhodes Scholars
Alberto Del Rio Defeated The Big Show to retain WWE Heavyweight Championship
Antonio Cesaro Defeated The Miz Via DQ to retain the United States Championship
Jack Swagger won the Elimination Chamber Match
The Shield defeated John Cena,Ryback and Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston
Kaitlyn Defeated Tamina Snuka
The Rock defeated CM Punk to retain WWE Championship

 I was a bit disappointed with the results of WWE elimination chamber on 17/02/2013.I can understand that The Shield might be getting a bigger push soon but i dont think this should have been at the expense of them winning against the big stars such as John Cena,Ryback and Sheamus.It would have been nice if there were a few surprises added to the show as well such as Brock Lesnar,HHH or maybe even Fandango making his way.There is no doubt that the World Wrestling entertainment has been one of the best television shows and have proved it time and time again so i am guessing WWE is holding on to all the Surprises for WWE Wrestlemania in April.

What did you think about the WWE Elimination Chamber on 17/02/2013 Pay Per view?


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