Storytime with the Rock at WWE Raw on 11/02/2013

WWE Raw on 11/02/2013:Results,Review and Storytime with the Rock

After John Cena called out the shield at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013 this weeks Raw started off with Paul Heyman coming to the ring to address the WWE Universe.At this week's WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 Paul Heyman told the WWE Universe that he is leaving the WWE for good.

As heyman continued CM Punk came to the ring and told Paul Heyman that their 'Nightmare' will be over this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber when he defeats The Rock.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson WrestlerHeyman eventually decided not to leave the WWE and said Punk that he will be at the Elimination Chamber this Sunday to witness greatness when CM Punk defeats The Rock.

Further at WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 Mark Henry made his way towards the ring to face The Great Khali. 

Michael Cole confirmed that because of the Injury  Rey Mysterio suffered at the hands of Mark Henry last week he will be out of the Elimination Chamber.

John Cena,Sheamus and Ryback Vs 3MB was announced at WWE Raw on 11/02/2013.Booker T and Teddy Long were shown speaking backstage about the Elimination Chamber match when they were interrupted by Chris Jericho who asked them for a spot in the Chamber.Booker T announced  Jericho-Bryan match at WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 with winner getting a spot at elimination chamber.

At WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 was the Cena's team comfortably won against 3MB.After winning the match they promised to dismantle the shield at The Elimination Chamber when they take on The Shield in the Six Man tag team match at Elimination Chamber.

A video from  WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013 in which Alberto Del Rio poured the paint on the big show was shown on the titantron during WWE Raw on 11/02/2013.Big show was then shown backstage giving a knockout punch to two people making fun of him.

Matt Striker also got Ko'd from the big show just as he was about to interview him.Jack Swagger took on Zack Ryder in the next part.After the match Swagger introduced the WWE universe to Zeb Coulter. Coulter spoke about he and swagger are the real Americans and know the truth about their country.

Once again the focus shifted backstage where Booker T told Teddy Long were in conversation and were interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who also wanted to be Included in the chamber to stop Jericho.Booker T then announced Ziggler-Kane match and winner getting a spot at the chamber.

The Shield then called out John Cena,Sheamus and Ryback to face them.They also claimed what kind of a failure John Cena has been and said they are the solution to John Cena.They ended by saying that on Sunday they are going to finish everything once and for all.The lights then went out and when it came back on Ryback,Cena and Sheamus were shown hitting the hell out of The Shield in center of the ring.

After the Kane vs Dolph Ziggler match at WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 all the contestants of the Elimination chamber match were confirmed.The final list of contestants will be Daniel Bryan,Kane,Randy Orton,Jack Swagger,Chris Jericho and Mark Henry.
Towards the end of WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 was the most entertainment moment  when The Rock came to the ring and spoke about his past experiences in Nashville,Tennessee.Of course,he was interrupted by CM Punk  who was on a full on brawl with The Rock.With Heyman's interference the show ended with Punk giving a GTS to The Rock and saying "Storytime's over"and he will bring it when Rock asks him too.

Results of WWE Raw on 11/02/2013

WWE Raw on 11/02/2013 results
Mark Henry Defeated The Great Khali Via Pinfall
Chris Jericho Defeated Daniel Bryan Via Pinfall
John Cena,Ryback andSheamus Defeated 3MB Via Pinfall
Jack Swagger Defeated Zack Ryder Via Submission
The Miz vsCody Rhodes ended in a no contest after Cesaro attacked The Miz
Tensai and Brodus Clay and Tensai Defeated Primo and Epico
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Damien Sandow Via Submission
Wade Barrett Defeated Kofi Kingston Via Pinfall

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