The Rock's celebration at WWE Raw on 18/02/2013

WWE Raw on 18/02/2013:Results,Review and The Rock's Celebration

The WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 kicked off with a recap from the Elimination Chamber 2013 Pay Per View.John Cena was the first superstar to make his way to the ring to address the WWE universe.Cena said that the 'road to wrestlemania' was heating up and spoke about the Jack Swagger against Alberto Del Rio and him against The Rock wrestling match scheduled for Wrestlemania 29.

CM Punk made his way to the ring to let John Cena know that he was finding an easy way out.Punk further went on to say that The Rock should not be the champion as he laid hands on the referee and should have been disqualified then and there.After a bit of an argument CM Punk eventually said that Cena has never beaten him to which Cena said he needs to shut up his critics and has a solution for it.John Cena then proposed a match between himself  and CM Punk and the winner will meet The Rock at wrestlemania.The match is set for next week.

A Backstage segment at WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 showed Ryback and Sheamus in an interview with Matt Striker about their loss to the Shield at the Elimination Chamber.As Sheamus was talking about the match and letting everyone down Ryback was pacing around when Sheamus stopped him and asked him to overcome and adapt and also asked Ryback it he was a machine or a neanderthal to which Ryback caught the collar of sheamus only to be broken up by Chris Jericho who said rather than being upset amongst themselves they should be upset with The Shield.

The Rock with white Shirt
Chris Jericho said that he loves the WWE and cannot see it to be dominated by Shield just like NWO and nexus did earlier.He said he will speak to Vickie Guerrero to setup a match between himself,Sheamus and Ryback against the Shield.

Another Backstage segment from WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 showed Daniel Bryan speaking to the Kane and telling him that he was not too happy with teaming up with him last night at the Elimination Chamber.He went on further to say that he has a match with Jack Swagger tonight and does not want Kane to be at the ring to which Kane responded that he will get his own match and does not want Bryan to be at the ring.

Kane also said he does not deal well with snakes after which Randy Orton appeared and asked if someone was speaking about him.Kane spoke about Stomping the snakes to which Randy Orton said that there was a time he was intiminated by Kane and he is more like Barney the Dinosaur these days.

Vickie Guerrero was speaking on the phone backstage and said she had major plans for Raw this week.She also congratulated Heyman for the stipulation he set for The Rock-CM Punk match at the elimination Chamber.Vickie further said that she had an announcement that will change Heyman's whole career but was saving the announcement for the ring.

The next segment showed Swagger having a state union address where he was accompanied by Zeb Coulter who after speaking a little trash confirmed that Jack Swagger will beat Alberto Del Rio for the championship at WWE Wrestlemania 29.

After a short break Vickie Guerrero was in the ring with Paul Heyman where she was about to make an announcement regarding Heyman's future.She said she had a new assistant for herself and out came Brad maddox.Further down the segment Vince McMahon also appeared in the titan tron and told Heyman he will wrestle him next week.

The final and the main segment at WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 was The Rock's Celebration of winning the WWE title once again.During this segment there was a podium setup in the ring with the new wwe title belt.

The rock started his segment by hyping the arena and further went on to say that he has deep respect for the WWE title but it should no longer be a toy and should not spin.He introduces the New WWE title and gives the old one to one of the crew members and asks them to make sure it ends up in the hall of fame.

Further during the Rock's segment at WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 he spoke about CM Punk,John Cena and wrestlemania before he was interrupted by John Cena's music who was attacked from the back by CM Punk who threw the old belt in between the ramp.As The Rock was getting ready to fight Punk he went back and the show went off air with Cena down on the ramp.

Results of WWE Raw on 18/02/2013:

WWE Raw on 18/02/2013 Results
Mark Henry Defeated Sin Cara
The Miz Defeated Antonio Cesaro in a No DQ match
Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler
Naomi, Tensai and Brodus Clay Defeated Rosa Mendes,Primo and Epico
Jack Swagger Defeated Daniel Bryan
The Shield Defeated Chris Jericho,Ryback and Sheamus
Randy Orton Defeated Kane

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