Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger faceoff-WWE Smackdown on 22/02/2013

WWE Smackdown on 22/02/2013:Results,Review and Del Rio-Swagger Staredown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown started off with Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio talking about how bad Jack Swagger's attitude is.As they were speaking about it Randy Orton soon interrupted who said
Jack Swagger walking towards the WWE Ring
he does not like Jack Swagger either as swagger stole the WWE Elimination Chamber match from him.Looking at the events Booker T announced a match between Randy Orton-Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio-Wade Barrett for little later on at WWE Smackdown on 22/02/2013

The other segment showed Zeb Coulter having an intense conversation with Jack Swagger backstage.Where this angle is heading is something we will have to wait and see as it does not look to be too thrilling to me.

Moving on,A segment showed Wade Barrett making fun of Sheamus for loosing to The Shield.Dead man walking movie trailer was also shown at WWE smackdown on 22/02/2013.

There was another teaser of Fandango which was shown at WWE Friday Night Smackdown on 22/02/2013.It would be very interesting to see when he actually has a debut and what plans WWE has for him considering how weak Smackdown is compared to Raw.

The show's end came with Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger staring each other down after Del Rio successfully won his match against Wade Barrett.

Full Results of WWE Smackdown on 22/02/2013

WWE Smackdown on 22/02/2013 Results
Sheamus Defeated Damien Sandow
Kaitlyn and Layla Defeat Tamina and Aksana
Jack Swagger Defeated Randy Orton
The Miz Defeated Cody Rhodes
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Wade Barrett

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