Alberto Del Rio fails at WWE Smackdown on 01/02/2013

Alberto Del Rio fails to rescue Ricardo Rodriguez from the KO punch

Alberto Del Rio is furious with the Big Show.After The Big Show attacked Del Rio's personal ring announcer and a good friend Ricardo Rodriguez this week at WWE Raw on 28/01/2013  this was expected.When smackdown kicked off he was shown  backstage carrying a baseball bat waiting for the Big Show to take revenge.

A surprise was the return of Jack Swagger at the show who has been on and off the show since last September.As the Elimination Chamber matches are shaping up he interrupted Booker T at the ring and asked to be entered the ring and also said he has kept an eye on WWE since he has been out and is not happy with the direction the show is heading in.

Booker T asked Swagger that if he needs to be at the elimination Chamber match he would need to prove himself which he did when he won the match a little later on.Dolph Ziggler on the other hand tried to chicken his way out of the elimination chamber match stating that he is already Mr. Money in the Bank and has a guaranteed title shot and does not need to be in a match.

Ziggler however later was put in the match against Alberto Del Rio who was in a very bad mood and won the match against Ziggler via a pinfall.

Big Show finally arrived backstage and threatened to harm Ricardo Rodriguez and warned Alberto Del Rio from coming backstage.Eventually after he mocked Rodriguez he gave him a knock out punch and the show went off air as Alberto Del Rio and the referees were calling in help for Rodriguez.

Full Results of WWE Smackdown held on 01/02/2013

WWE Smackdown results for 01/02/2013
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated Team Hell No
The Great Khali defeated Jinder Mahal
Sheamus Vs Damien Sandow ended in a no contest
Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett
Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston via Submission
Alberto Del Rio defeated Dolph Ziggler via Submission

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