Best Free Android games of 2013

Best Free Android games available in PlayStore

There are tons of free games available within the Appstore in Ios,Windows phone store or the Google playstore.Through this post i will share a few of the best free android games available in Google playstore.

Android deviceTen of the best Free Android Games of 2013 until now:

1.Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 1 was a huge success in IOS.The game didn't disappoint on Android either.Temple Run 2 has now been released with a variety of new features and for some already tops the list of best free android games available in the playstore

2.Knock Down:

This game is similar to Angry Birds but the levels are quite different which makes this a fun game to play

3.Lost Temple 2:

Like Temple Run 2 this is another one of those games that require a lot of running around.The graphics are pretty decent and the game is fun to play.

4.Mario Parody:

This game is a spoof of super mario and is super fun to play.

5.Basketball All Stars:

Basketball All Stars  is fun to play along with good controls and great graphics and one of the few good sports games.

6.Crazy Violence Moto:

This is a game that is one of the popular game in windows phone store.The attractive 3D setting in the game might just make this one of the best free android games as well.

7.Shoot the angry birds:

The motive of the game is to shoot the angry birds who are plotting their revenge against an old man who cut down their tree to build a house.

8.Dead Crossing:

One of the games which allows you to drive and shoot of the best free android games which will you like playing after a hard day.

9.Plumber Game:

The motive of this game is to stop the pipes from leaking.If you love games that involve puzzle you might end up getting addicted to this.For me this tops the list of the best free android games in Puzzle category.

10.Death Fighter 3D:

The fluent graphics make this as one of the best free android games available in the playstore.The motive of the game is to be a pilot and fight your way through the bullets.

What do you think about the above list of ten of the best free android games?


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