Best Free iphone apps of 2013

Best Free iPhone Apps to download in 2013

Last Week i posted about ten of the best free Android apps of 2013.This week i am turning my focus more onto the iPhone.The first time i saw a place from where i could download or buy stuff from was the AppStore within the IOS devices.It was only since then there have been a lot other stores within other devices that have come into existence.There are a few best free iPhone apps which are available for download through the AppStore and they do come in handy when required.
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Ten of the best Free iPhone Apps:


Comics is one of the best app to download comics from.The application along with thousands of downloadable comic books is free to download.


Wikipianion is an app for Wikipedia.The best part about the Wikipanion application is it does not include ads just like the web version


Evernote cannot be left behind on iOS as well.The ability of Synchronising your work on all internet devices is the best feature in this one of the best free iPhone apps.


This application works surprising well for those who love reading eBooks.There are a lot of books which are available for purchase through the app itself.


Skype is one of the best video chatting tools for iPhone.With a Skype Userid and Password you can make unlimited video calls to your loved ones from around the world and that's why this lists as one of the best free iPhone apps available in appstore.


Dropbox lists on the best free iPhone apps for a reason which is simple.It is free and easy to use and synching a folder on a computer is as simple as it can get.

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If you have a journey planned or travel frequently this is one of the best free iPhone apps for you.This app allows tracking progress,Time tables of trains among many other features.


Just like in Android this features in the list of the best free iPhone apps as well.The new look in Facebook has done wonders to its usage through smartphones and things are just about to get better.


PhotoSynth is the best Paranoma app available for download at the appstore.Its ease of use and user friendliness are two of its best features.


If you are health conscious and love jogging this tops the list of  the best free iPhone apps for you.Runkeeper keeps a track of jogging and cycling routes through the cps along with the number of calories burned.


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