Facebook games set to evolve in 2013

Facebook games will go to an all new level soon

Facebook games are set to move the online gaming a step ahead as they prepare to go up one level soon.The trial by nWay seems to have gone very well last year where the sci-fi combat game "ChronoBlad" was tested.

Dave Jones(Chief Creative Officer of nWay) who had previously worked with Grand Theft Auto stated that he had no idea that a game of such quality could be created for Facebook.
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The company has also gone to the extent of confirming that nWay and a few other developers will be able to extend console type of games within Facebook.

Facebook games is expected to launch 10 high quality games created by the third party developers in 2013.These will target mostly hardcore gamers.

The main effort of all this will be to get more Facebook users login to the social network website and stay for a longer time.

Just as in Xbox Live,Facebook is also expected to have a social layer within the games which will allow the users to interact among themselves and get a rich multiplayer experience.

With Facebook targetting Hardcore games we can expect to see a rich gaming experience and this will also end up opening the door for hardcore gamers to play these facebook games

What do you think about the existing games on Facebook?

Which one is your favorite among the current games and what would you like to see further in Facebook games?

News source:NDTV


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