Falling Angel in COD Black Ops 2

The Falling Angel Mission Review in COD Black Ops 2

After the mission time and date in COD Black ops 2  comes the next mission called as fallen angel.The main object of the game is to carefully eavesdrop on menendez as he speaks about his plans to others.The eavesdropping is done through a mini game where you need to point your mouse pointer on menendez when he is speaking to someone.
Scenary in falling angel mission

In between the mission while your in the lower ground Menendez eventually does find out about you eavesdropping.This is the time from where the main mission of falling angel in Call of duty Black ops 2 starts.

An interesting part of the mission was during the beginning where you need to find your way through  flooded streets and escape the drones.Escaping the drones was kind of a challenge initially but it is actually simple.All you need to do is take cover when you see a helicopter with light coming around you.
Drving in Falling Angel

The end of mission Black ops 2 in COD Black ops 2A portion of the mission fallen angel in COD Black ops 2 also involved driving a vehicle(which was fun) through the chaos in the streets before you reach the extraction point.

When i saw the call of Duty black ops 2 trailer i knew the driving part of the game will be super fun and it didn't disappoint either.

The four eavesdropping points in the falling angel mission in COD black ops 2 are

  • On the rooftop
  • The balcony where you have to prone
  • The airfield where Menendez meets De Falco
  • The window where the train blocks your view.

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