Glasses by Google set to take the world by storm

The Search giants Google are set to take the world by storm with their upcoming latest innovation called Google Glass.This technical device will definitely revolutionize the gadgets industry.These Glasses by Google will include a small see-through screen a little above the field of view which will be able to display maps,record images and send texts without leaving the face.
We are truly living in the golden age of technology and the way things are moving forward the virtual world might become a reality in the near future.The Glasses by Google seems to be a very good way to start the trend of the changing the way how people look at technology.

Full Features of Glasses by Google:

  • Camera
  • Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Speaker/Microphone
  • Ability to connect through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to Smart Phones or home networks

The Project team members have confirmed they have worked very hard on the device to make sure it does not disrupt people going by.

The $1,500 beta version of the glasses were available for sale at the conference,Sergey Brin(Google co founder) however confirmed that the consumer model will be considerably less expensive but not cheap and is expected  to be available next year.

One thing is for sure with these Glasses of Google soon becoming a reality there is a good chance that most of the people around the world will soon be seen wearing glasses.


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