Iphone Plus to be released by Apple?

 Apple to Release a 4.94 Inch Iphone Plus:

Iphone Plus is expected to be include a big screen display.In the recent past there have been many Mobile Companies Such as Samsung,HTC and Sony who have already reached around the 5 inch display screen mark with their mobile phone products.iPhone slowly seems to be loosing the market because many people are shying away from them and preferring the Android device for a larger screen phone.With that being said iPhone Plus might just win back some more customers for Apple.
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Even though iPhone 5 is one of the highest selling  iPhone till date, it has not managed to stop people from looking for other products with a bigger display.The Device will be a welcome addition for the customers who don't want to use another phone apart from apple but require a larger screen.
Instapaper creater and a frequent voice in the apple developer community,Marco Arment has penned his thoughts on the Display specification of the device.

Iphone Plus Display Specification:

  • 4.94-inch iPhone Plus with 16:9 aspect ratio 
  • 640×1136 resolution
  • pixel density of 264ppi.

He futher goes on to say that iPhone Plus will not be replacing the iPhone will be an additional option for the buyers.

Do you use an iPhone or are looking for something as similar as the device announced to purchase?


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