John Cena calls out The Shield at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013

WWE Raw on 04/02/2013:John Cena,Ryback and Sheamus joined forces against The Shield

This weeks raw was supposed to put light on the attack of Brock Lesnar on Vince McMahon last week at Raw and started with the recap of the same.There were quite a few surprises at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013.

The show started with CM Punk coming to the ring and stating that he is the people's champion and went o to say how The Rock stole his title.Booker T came out and said Vickie Guerrero has given him authority to set a match for CM Punk.He then set a Raw Active match where CM Punk could face Chris Jericho,Rey Mysterio or Randy Orton.

The Public chose Chris Jericho and a match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho was set to be the main event at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013.
I was quite surprised with the Ryback-Cesario match as Cesario gave quite a tough fight before giving up to the Shellshock by Ryback.Jack Swagger during his match against Santino Marella looked in great shape.

John Cena picture
The best surprise of WWE Raw on 04/02/2013 was however the return of Mark Henry.After a long hiatus from the WWE he is now meaner and deadlier than ever before.There might be a chance where he will be a part of the WWE elimination chamber later this month.

Paul Heyman was the guest at the Miz TV today where The Miz Accused him of knowing everything before it happened and blamed him to be behind the attack by Brock Lesnar at last weeks Raw.

Vickie Guerrero came out and said she should be blamed as she was negotiating the contracts with Brock Lesnar from a long time to please Vince McMahon but also said that neither she nor Heyman knew that Brock would attack Vince McMahon.

As a moment passed by Brock Lesnar's music hit the titantron and he came to the ring.Miz refused to back down and pushed him to which Brock Lesnar broke the whole Miz TV set and gave an F5 to the Miz.

During the last few moments of the Show at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013  Brad Maddox called out the shield to which the shield responded and gave him a powerbomb.After this John Cena,Sheamus and Ryback entered the ring just like The Shield generally do through the crowd and bashed them up real nice as WWE Raw went off air.

Results of WWE Raw on 04/02/2013:

WWE Raw on 04/02/2013 results
Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro Via Pinfall
Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella Via Pinfall
Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes Via Submission
Daniel Bryan Defeated Rey Mysterio Via Submission
Sheamus Defeated Kane Via Pinfall
Randy Orton Defeated Wade Barrett Via Pinfall
CM Punk Defeated Chris Jericho Via Pinfall

 So what did you think of WWE Raw on 04/02/2013?

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