Mark Henry destroys Khali at WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013

WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013:Mark Henry returns and leaves a statement by destroying The Great Khali

One of the most brutal Pay per views 'The Elimination Chamber' is just around the corner.This week at WWE Raw on 04/02/2013 we saw the return of Mark Henry who created an impact by destroying Rey Mysterio and Sincara.At WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013 things were not too different as he repeated what he did at Raw by going after The great Khali.

Elimination chamber is just around the corner but it wouldn't be until after the show that we might get a real feel of what we can expect at Wrestlemania.

Mark HenryTowards the end of the Khali-Titus O Neil match Mark Henry came out to the ring to give the worlds strongest slam to the Great Khali because of which he was given a match later on against Randy Orton to earn a spot at The Elimination Chamber 2013 Pay per view.

Mark Henry was given a match against Randy Orton at WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013 to earn a match at the elimination chamber.He did exactly that after he defeated Randy Orton via a pinfall.

So at the elimination chamber there will be four participants Henry, Orton, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio who will fight for the title.

Alberto Del Rio was banned from Ringside at WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013 which seemed to be just a way taking the Show-rio Feud forward.He was a part of the song from backstage.

Towards the end of the Big Show and Alberto Del Rio feud took a new twist when Del Rio played around with the bus of the big show and told him via the titantron that he had made changes to his bus.When the big show arrived to the parking lot he found the tires removed.Del Rio then poured paint all over the Big Show before he drove off.

Results of WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013:

WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013 Results
Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston
The Great Khali def. Titus O'Neil
The Big Show defeated Kane
Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel
Tensai defeated Drew McIntyre via DQ
Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match: Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton

What did you thing of WWE Smackdown on 08/02/2013?

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