Next gen consoles might not be backwards compatible

Next Gen consoles might not be compatible with the consoles from this generation

We are very close to the release of the Next gen consoles which are expected to unleash a whole new form of graphics while gaming.The Microsoft Xbox 720 and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles are very close to being officially announced for a release.

Black Sony PlayStation 3 console
The Next gen console graphics is something to look up to as the graphics part of the console has been beefed up to give a crystal clear display in High Definition and guarantees to feast the gamers with a lot of pleasing eye candy.

The multiplayer within the next gen consoles is also expected to be a great feast but from what is known not too many might like a console that mostly works with a proper internet connection throughout.I hope this is a rumor as not everyone would like being online all the time if they are not playing multiplayer video games.

Blake Jorgensen(EA Chief Financial officer) while speaking in a Q&A for Golden Sachs technology stated that he does not think that the upcoming gaming consoles will be backwards compatible.He further stated that the multiplayer aspect in the next gen gaming consoles might not allow gamers having different generation consoles to play against each other.

There are still a few doubts of what to expect from the PlayStation 4 controller as it was earlier said that the controller will include LCD Touch screen but was later denied.

The YouTube PS3 app which was announced recently might just be giving a hint that the PS4 might be good on the application front as well.

As far as the Xbox 720 console is concerned we will have to wait and watch what it has to offer in regards to video streaming as the Xbox 360 consoles were not too good as far as Blue ray video streaming was concerned.The apps within the console were pretty OK.

The release date,Joystick and all the other official technical features in regards to the next generation consoles by Sony might be revealed on February 20 when they have an event in New York.

The only downside i have heard until now about the Next gen consoles is its backward compatibility.I dont think gamers would appreciate having to change consoles if they need to play the games released for a different generation.


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