Old Wounds in Black Ops 2

The other mission i played today in Black ops 2 was one of those exciting missions which included a mini game in which Alex Mason had to Resist killing the enemy while he was being interrogated.

There was one particular mission where mason had to defend the Western Blocking Point which was quite challenging as i had to redo a checkpoint numerous number of times.This was at a point where the horse fell on him after an explosion.
The enemies talking amongst themselves

Clearing the Yard was also a fun part of the mission as it basically involved a lot of precision to complete the task..It involved a lot of gun fight and blowing up the tanks.

Horse riding exists in black ops 2The best part about playing this mission in Black ops 2 was the horse riding.To be honest i didn't expect this feature in Black Ops 2 but this for me was a welcome addition.

The Main object of the story however kept revolving around the choice mason made when he decides to either kill the enemy during the interrogation or not.

As usual there was lots you could do in this mission from the stealth killing to full on war which is true black ops style.Check out the video below to see how i did to defend the western blocking point.

Defend the Western Blocking Point in Black Ops 2:


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