PlayStation 4 release date to be announced on Feb 20?

Sony to Announce PlayStation 4 release date and other features on Feb 20?

PlayStation 4 release date might just be around the corner as the company gears up for their significant announcement where they will announce in depth about their upcoming console.A 45-second teaser video has also been released which confirms that the event will take place on February 20 at 6 p.m. EDT. The meeting is set to take place in New York.
PlayStation 4 event
The teaser video does not give any further details of what to expect from the announcement by Sony.

Many Analysts believe that PlayStation 4 release date might be during the back half of this year.The official announcement which is set to take place will hopefully clear the air and will give a brighter picture of what can be expected from the upcoming console along with an official release date of the console.

There are various speculations regarding PlayStation 4 as some suggest the game will not allow an owner to play second hand games and the other doing the rounds that confirming its technical specifications.

I can hardly wait for the announcement from Sony.With this age i am hoping to see a lot of innovation in the console with a lot of versatility  in gameplay.

Im also hoping that this time around the PlayStation Move would have evolved and will work much better as a motion controller.

With PlayStation 4 release date around the corner are you excited about going ahead and buying the console or would you rather get an Xbox 720?


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