Whatsapp for Android beta includes Holo user interface

Whatsapp for Android beta changes the user interface to Holo

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One of the worlds most popular and loved messaging application Whatsapp for Android has now released a beta version to unlock the whole new holo user interface.

The beta version is not available for download at the Google Playstore(Formerly known as Android market)however you can download it at the official  website of the developers.

Unlike many other applications whatsapp has constantly provided updates for its messaging application and is loved and used by millions of people around the world and is slowly in the process of taking over the role of SMS which has ruled the smartphones for quite a few years now.

Apart from text messaging the other features of whatsapp on android include Pictures,video,audio and photo sharing.The best part about the application is that it does not include any advertisement and costs only $0.99 as a yearly subscription charge.The application can be downloaded on Windows,Ios and Blackberry smartphones.

One of the best feature of using Whatsapp for Android has always been being able to use the application through a wifi connection unlike Blackberry messenger that would require a data plan.

The beta download is around 9mb and should not take too much of bandwidth to complete.The new user interface definitely makes it look like one of the best free android apps available.

There was recently a rumor surrounding Facebook purchase of this popular messaging app which turned out to be a hoax at least for now.

The free whatsapp for android download is available at the Google playstore


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