Xbox 720 specs to include Siri like voice recognition

Xbox 720 Specs might include Siri Like voice recognition

As we near close to the day when more official details of the Xbox 720 will emerge there are a lot of rumors that are doing the rounds about what will be included in the Xbox 720 specs.

A few sources have informed The Verge that among the features included will be a wake on  voice, natural-language controls, and speech-to-text. 

The gamers will be able to just walk into the room to get the Xbox 720 console to boot up.The other rumored  feature to be included within the Xbox 720 specs is the launch of Kinect V2 alongside console.

The voice language detection that is supposedly being included in the Xbox 720 console will be similar to Apple's Siri-Like voice recognition.Microsoft have not yet revealed anything official in regards to the feature.

It has further been said that the new Xbox 720 console will have some sort of Skype integration as well.
The console before Xbox 720 known as Xbox 360

Full Xbox 720 Specs rumored:

  • 8-core AMD CPU clocked at 1.6GHz.
  • 32MB of super-fast ESRAM hooked up to the GPU.
  • 12-core GPU  
  • a Blu-ray drive
  • Kinect V2
  • Siri Like voice recognition

What do you think about the Xbox 720 specs?

Do you think Microsoft can include something more to make it better?


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