Tips on how to backup a blogger blog

Tips on how to backup a blogger blog

In today's tip and tricks section i am going to share with you a few tips on how you can backup a blogger blog.These tips are particularly useful especially if you post very regularly.

Why do i need to do this?

You might be thinking whats the need of having a copy of the backup,well the answer is simple.At times due to some unforeseen circumstances such as if your account gets hacked or your content/posts gets deleted for any reason,You might end up loosing posts that you would have written.Sounds Scary doesn't it?

That's the reason why we say precaution is better than cure.

How do i do this?

Thanks to the simplicity and the user friendliness of the blogger blogs,Google has made these steps very simple.All you need to do is
  • Go to your blogger Dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Under other you will see an option called as export,Click on it.
  • you will now see a download option.
  • Click on download and you will then get a a copy of all the posts you have ever written.
I generally go through this process everytime i write a post just to be on the safe side and would request all of you reading this to download a copy of their blogs atleast once in three days

Hope you enjoyed the article of how to backup a blogger blog.if you have any problems please leave a comment below and i will try my best to help you out.


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