Beyonce releases her new single 'Bow Down'

Bow Down - The latest single by Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles
The latest single by the superhit American Singer,Song Writer and actress Beyonce which is called as Bow Down is already making the news with many people calling the song as arrogant and filled with tons of attitude.The lyrics within her new song is what is actually making the headlines.The song features Beyonce making references to the little girls who dreamt of being her world to bow down to her and she also made references to her marriage to Jay Z.

While many are going after her new single saying its way too cocky,I think its just a song and guys need to relax.Beyonce has been in the music industry for a while now and is known very well for her stint with the famous girl band of the 90's Destiny's child.

Some are even suggesting that Beyonce is taking cues from Rihanna who is also known to mix her music with attitude and arrogance at times.I really don't think that's the case here as the music of this generation  has become the one to have a bit of an attitude.

Beyonce Knowles will be releasing her fifth album soon.However there are no details about the album,release date or the songs that we can expect from her upcoming album.From what has been known  until now,Beyonce has signed a deal with  Warner/Chappell Music which will cover her upcoming studio album.

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