Beyond Two Souls release date on October 8th

The Upcoming Video Game Beyond Two Souls release date expected on October 8th

The PlayStation 3 exclusive psychological,spiritual and thriller video game Beyond Two Souls will be making its way to the gamers soon confirmed Sony.The Beyond Two Souls release date which was previously expected to be sometime in 2013 has now been confirmed to be on October 8th.

Beyond Two Souls Cover
This Single Player Supernatural game developed by Quantic Dream will also star Willem Dafoe(Spiderman Movie Star) who will appear in the game as a character named Nathan Dawkins.

Storyline and Plot:

The makers of the game who were previously incharge of heavy rain have kept Beyond two souls storyline and plot compelling as well.The game revolves around the main character Jodie Holmes who goes around in a journey to find out the true entity of life.The second character named Aiden will also be with her throughout the story.


The beyond two souls characters will include

  • Jodie Holmes - The main character
  • Aiden - A a supernatural entity that has been linked to Jodie since a young age
  • Nathan Dawkins - A government scientist
The plot of the game looks unique and fun and if the gameplay turns out to be just as good it has all the potential to be one of the Top PlayStation 3 games of 2013.

From the new PS3 releases lined up and the PlayStation 4 release date around the corner Sony is making sure that they strike a balance between this gen and the next gen consoles to keep all the gamers who have been faithful to Sony Consoles interested.

Sony also went on to confirm that a 30-minute playable scene will be available for those who preorder a copy.Additionally all the orders made before the actual Beyond two Souls release date will also get an automatic upgrade to the special edition.

Beyond Two Souls Special Edition will include:

  • Steelbook packaging
  • Behind-the-scenes video feature
  • Game's soundtrack
  • A PS3 dynamic theme
  • PlayStation Network avatar bundle.
Currently Sony is in the process of releasing so many PS3 video games that i feel like getting a PlayStation 3 console even though the PlayStation 4 release date is around the corner.

What do you think about the Beyond Two Souls release date?Will this be one of the best playstation 3 games before we finally move on to the next gen consoles?


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