Biggest Loser 18/03/2013 - Season 14 results

Biggest Loser Season 14 Finale - 18/03/2013 - Results

Biggest Loser,a reality Television show which is centered around the contestants who lose weight to fight for cash prize has completed its 14th season on 18/03/2013.The winner is none other than Danni Allen who lost a staggering 46.9% of her body weight.

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Biggest Loser is one of the few shows which actually helps in improving the lifestyle and health of the contestants which is always great to see.Danni Allen who lost 121 pounds after intense workouts throughout the season with Jillian Michaels won a cash prize of 250,000$.

Danni beat her fellow contestants namely Jeff Nichols and Jackson Carter who were mighty impressive as well.Nichols who finished second lost 46.6% of his body weight.

While watching the Season finale on 18/03/2013 i was hoping to see Danni Allen win it and she sure did with style.I don't think the other contestants were too bad either especially Jeff  Nichols who finished second.

Did you get a chance of watching the results of the Biggest Loser Season Finale on 18/03/2013?what did you think about the show?


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