Borderlands 2 Psycho pack DLC to release in May

Borderlands 2 Psycho Pack Release date expected to be sometime in May

borderlands 2The latest upcoming DLC of the Action,Role Playing,First person shooter video game Borderlands 2 is expected to release sometime in may,confirmed 2k Games.Apart from the Borderlands 2 psycho pack release date the company also announced that the DLC will add a 6th playable character.

The The 6th playable character will be named as Krieg and will be a 'Badass Melee Mauler' who will posses psychotic multiple personalities.Players will be able to achieve combat bonuses with bloodlust,mania and hellborn skill.

The company has also further confirmed that the level cap of the game will be increased to level 61 on April 2 through the ultimate vault hunter upgrade which will be included in $30 downloadable season pass.

The upcoming downloadable content might be fun to play just like the other DLC that have been released by the company in the recent past.

Although the borderlands 2 Psycho pack release date is expected to be sometime in may,the company did not reveal the exact date we can expect to get our hands on this Psycho pack DLC of this fun role playing game.


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