Company of heroes 2 release date postponed to June 2013

Company of heroes 2 release date now set as June 2013

Company of Heroes 2
The upcoming real-time strategy game which is being developed by Relic entertainment and published by Sega exclusively for the Microsoft windows Platform is all set to release during June 2013.To be precise the Company of heroes 2 release date now has been set to June 25th for North America and Europe.

The game which includes Single player and multiplayer modes was supposed to be released by THQ this year.Sega has confirmed that the delay will help them lay high standards to carry on the legacy of game from Company of heroes 1.

The Producer of Relic entertainment further went on to say that he hates to disappoint his fans because of the delay but promised a beta version of the multiplayer for which the details will be available shortly.There are no further details if or when the mutiplayer beta version of company of heroes download will be available.

Company of heroes 2 Gameplay:

The game is set to feature Soviet Red Army as a new faction which will take the players to various stages of Eastern front campaign right from Operation Barbarossa to the Battle of Berlin. The Relic's proprietary Essence 3.0 engine which showed improvements compared to other relic games is expected to be used in the game.Certain maps within the game will include frozen bodies of water, allowing more movement options.Company of heroes 2 is also expected to take good advantage of DirectX 11 but will also support DirectX 9.

With Company of heroes 2 release date around the corner things are looking bright for real time strategy game lovers as most of the games released recently have been of a totally different genre.


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