How to create a custom page not found message in blogger

Create a custom page not found

When a visitor visits a blog the first impression plays a very crucial role in whether they will return or not.When you have moved or deleted a page but have not done a custom redirect the visitors generally get the following message on the blog.

'Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist'

When a message such as the one above welcomes the visitor when they are expecting to view the content they searched for,it is obviously not very good.The visitors will naturally get irked thinking that they will have to go through the whole process of searching once again for what they expected to find in your site.It's a webmaster or a blogger's job to make sure that the visitors are happy by either doing a custom redirect of the broken link or changing the Page not found error message altogether with something polite such as 

"I am Sorry,the page you are looking for either does not exist or might have been moved.Please use the search function on this site to search for the article or click on the homepage of my site for more"

How to create a custom page not found?

Creating a custom page not found in blogger is easier than it sounds.All you need to do is go to the Dashboard of your blog-->settings-->Search Preferences-->Click on Edit next to custom page not found and type in what you think would suit you the best and click on save.

Once you have created a custom page not found,It will help your website or a blog grow in a lot of ways such as reduction of bounce rates and Happy Visitors who will love to return to your website/blog especially if they find what they were actually looking for.


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