Duke Nukem 2 for iOS set for an April release

Duke Nukem 2 for iOS confirmed

Duke Nukem 2

One of the most popular Platform game developed by 3D realms is all set to make its way for the iOS devices.Duke Nukem 2 for iOS is expected to be priced at $2 and the release date is expected to be sometime in April.The company however did not confirm if  the game will be released on the Android and Windows based Smartphones.

The Gameplay will see players feasting on 32 levels with full screen support,New artwork,music,save/load functionality,support for replays and will also allow players to track their scores through leaderboards which sounds like fun.

The game was critically acclaimed when it made its way to the MS DOS operating system in 1993 because of its adult references.The Dos version showed players going through the levels by collecting items,destroying enemies and defeating a super alien boss at the final level..

Duke Nukem forever was the last game that released for windows,Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles but didn't do too well among gamers as it lacked impact in comparison to its previous installments,Framerates were a bit choppy and the load time within different levels were long.Hopefully the release of Duke Nukem 2 for iOS will put this super hit game back to where it truly belongs.


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