Easter 31/03/2013 - Things you might not know

Easter 31/03/2013 - Things You might not know 

Easter is one of the most important christian festival and holiday that is celebrated around the world.The festival is celebrated in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that took place on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary. Since its Easter today (31/03/2013) i am going to share with you a few things about this christian festival that you might not know about.
Easter eggs

Things you might not know

  • Every year 2.1 billion is spent annually on candy,70 percent of those sold are chocolate.
  • 76 percent think the ears of the chocolate bunny should be eaten first.
  • The tradition of painting eggs came from Ukraine and is known as Pysanka.
  • 25% of the children surveyed thought that the festival was actually a celebration of Easter Bunny's birthday.
  • Every Child in The United Kingdom receives an average of 8.8 eggs each year.
  • In Scotland and Northern England,the festival is celebrated by rolling the painted eggs down the steep hills
This is one of the few festivals around the world that comes across with mixed emotions,but the chocolate bunny's you get you eat are truly out of this world.At the place i work,we celebrate this occasion with decorating everything around us just to get a feel of it.Happy Easter 31/03/2013 everyone.

So what are your plans for Easter 31/03/2013 and what do you do to celebrate it each year?

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