Epic Mickey 2 release date announced

Epic Mickey 2 release date has been Unveiled

The release date of Epic Mickey 2 has been announced for launch later this year for the PlayStation Vita.The game will first release in the United Kingdom.There was no mention of the Epic Mickey 2 release date for North America yet.If the game is as good as the first one it has all the capability to be one of the best games of 2013.

Epic Mickey 2
The gameplay of the PlayStation Vita version of Epic Mickey 2 will allow players to use the touch controls for painting and tilt controls for the racing mode.Apart from the single player,a two player co op multiplayer mode is also included within the game.

The previous version of the platform game received critical reception and sold over 529,000 units in United States.Epic Mickey 2 is expected to make its way for Mac OS X,Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Wii,Wii U ,Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita.

Although the Epic Mickey 2 release date for other consoles and PC apart from PlayStation Vita has not yet been confirmed,playing the game on the PS Vita will give a fair idea to the gamers of what they can expect out of the game.


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