Final Fantasy X HD for PlayStation 3 confirmed

Final Fantasy X HD for PlayStation 3 announced

Final Fantasy X

The high definition remake of the role playing video game Final Fantasy X developed and published by Square Enix has been announced by the company.During the earlier part of this week a Japanese magazine confirmed the news in Japan.Square Enix have made an official statement regarding the worldwide release of the game as well.

The HD Sequel which will be known as Final Fantasy X-2 will be bundled together with the standard version in one disc for the PlayStation 3 consoles.However the PlayStation Vita version will see both the versions being Sold Separately.

The company did not announce any details regarding the official release date but have confirmed that there will be an official announcement trailer that will release on March 25.The beauty of this superhit role playing video game has always been the combat mode,ease at which a player can control the character and its storyline which involves tidus spanning through most of the game's storyline.

The Final Fantasy X non hd gameplay involved players directly navigating to the main character tidus and going around the world interacting with people and objects.The game might be the exact replica of the non hd version but will give gamers a lot of eye candy to feast on.


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