Gmail app for android update adds new features

Gmail app for Android update now includes actionable notifications

One of the world's most loved email service known as 'Gmail' has now released a new update for its android app.The Gmail app for android now adds actionable notifications for smartphones that run on jellybean 4.1 operating system.

The best part about the new update is that it will allow users to delete,archive and reply to the incoming messages they receive through the tray icon itself rather than going into the application every time to perform such functions.

The updated version of the app is now available for download via the google play.

The update that google has released for its email application is a welcome addition.It will be nice to see other application developers making the same changes to their applications as well.

Apart from being time saving,The process of replying through the tray looks more organised and looks a lot more neat.

Google has been very busy with constant updates and recently also released an update for their chrome application for Android and iOS devices.The gmail for android app makes the following changes on other operating systems
  • Faster search in offline mode,Bug Fixes,Performance improvements and bug fixes in ice cream sandwich operating system.
  • New Labels API,Performance improvements in Android 2.2 operating system.
It will be interesting to see if at some point of time gmail app for android gets updated with the actionable notifications feature on the ice cream sandwich operating system as well.


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