God of War:Ascension multiplayer to include two player co-op mode

God of War:Ascension Multiplayer to include two player Co op Mode

God Of War Ascension

The PlayStation exclusive video game God of War 4 or Ascension will feature a two player co-op mode confirmed Sony.The God Of War Ascension multiplayer will include different modes such as 
  • Team Favor of the gods
  • Favor of the gods
  • capture the flag.
The two player co op mode will be called as the trial of the gods and will pair up players up against both the clock and five increasingly difficult herd of enemies.Extra time will be added based on the number of kills and bonus seconds will be added towards the end based on the performance of the player.After the launch the game will support three maps which will be
  • Desert of lost souls
  • Forum of hercules
  • Rotunda of Olympus
This has been one of the best third person action-adventure video game to ever be produced by Sony and might be the last one released on this generation consoles which adds a bit more of a pressure on the game to end its legacy on a high note before me move on to Sony's PlayStation 4 consoles.

Sony recently also revealed the release date,Trailer and demo download details for the game and with the announcement of God Of War Ascension Multiplayer,two player co-op mode the game promises to add a little more to an already superhit legacy.The game is set to hit the shelves as a PlayStation 3 exclusive on March 12th in USA and March 15th in Europe.


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