New Halo 4 Map pack to release on April 8th

Halo 4 Map pack/Castle DLC will be up for grabs next month

Halo 4

The Xbox 360 exclusive first person shooter video game Halo 4 which is developed by 343 industries and published by Microsoft Studios is considered to be one of the most expensive games by Microsoft.The return of Master Chief was one of the major reasons for it to be the most anticipated Xbox 360 game of 2012.The game has done quite well and is back to all its glory with a new halo 4 map pack for the Microsoft Xbox console gamers to feast on.

Microsoft confirmed today that the third and final map pack which is under development by Certain Affinity will add 3 new maps and a 6 vs 6 playlist.The expansion is expected to release on April 8th.

New maps within the expansion will be:

  • Daybreak
  • Outcast
  • Perdition
The  Castle expansion will be available free of charge for those who hold the $25 Halo 4 war games map pass or as an individual download for 10$ through the Xbox live marketplace.

The new 6 vs 6 playlist also called as the Castle DLC will focus on team and coordinated objective gameplay,confirmed microsoft. A total of 250 points in gamerscore through 9 new achievements will be available for unlock for those who own the map pack.

Apart from the Single Player campaigns the Map packs of Halo 4 games have done quite well.The release of this Halo 4 map pack might well be the last pack to release for this super hit SCIFI shooter before we finally get ready for the release of the next installment.


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