Hashtags on Facebook will improve search and indexing

Hashtags on Facebook to be implemented soon?

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The popular Social networking service 'Facebook' is all set to implement hashtags (#) to improve their search and indexing capabilities.Just as in Twitter the Hashtags on Facebook might also help in organizing the conversation of their 1 billion users within a particular hashtag.

The # is a very easy option for users to follow a particular topic of conversation.Users are also known to put a keyword next to the hashtag in twitter to group a comment that revolves around a particular topic.

Facebook have been very frequent with their updates.Their recent notable announcement was in regards to the graphs search feature which allows users to trawl the network of their friends as well as information shared Publicly by other users.

The graph search does not allow users to search for conversations but the introduction of # might make conversation search a reality for the social networking pioneers.

The company has not yet commented regarding the official details of the feature but if whats being said is true,it might be a welcome addition especially for the users who are bored with the same old features within the website.

On March 7th,the company also recently revealed a New look within their newsfeed.

I think the hashtags on Facebook will be the best thing the company can do to compete with Google Plus and Twitter who have their set of Hashtags to join a conversation within a group or follow a topic.


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