How to install Google Analytics to a blogger blog or a website

Step by Step instructions on how to install Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Its been quite a while since i have update the tips and tricks section within my blog.Today i will show you guys a simple guide on how you can install google analytics within your blog or a website.

Things you will need

  • A Google account login information
  • Access to the source code within your website or a blog
Before i get into the details let me tell you that the installation is not as complicated as it sounds.In fact its simpler than a lot of other things we do.

Ok,at this point i assume you already have a Google account user id and password.Once you do go to the Analytics Official website and login with your Google account credentials.

Once your logged in you will see the following screen

Signup screen

When you see the screen above,all you need to do is click on sign up.The signup if successful will give you an intimation that says success and will bring up the following screen.

tracking code screen

Enter the details of the websites on the next page (as shown in the screenshot above) and based on your preference remove or let the tick mark remain below the Data Sharing settings options and click on get tracking code at the bottom of the same page (not shown in the screenshot above).

Your almost done.The next page will give you a tracking ID and a code.You can copy the script below the tracking code shown on the screenshot above and put it either above</head> or </body> tag within your HTML source code.I would advise you to have the code above the </Body> tag as this will help to maintain the speed of the site as the analytics code will load after the page has completed loading.

Analytics Features:

There are a lot of things you can do once you install Google Analytics such as measure the website's traffic,Statistics,Traffic sources and you also get an option which shows real time details of who at a given point of time are at your website.Apart from that measuring the site speed,keywords used by your websites visitors can also be seen through the tool.The best part of it all is its free.

Note:Those who use a Blogger blog will need to go to their Blogger dashboard-->Settings-->Other and at the bottom of the page next to Analytics Web Property ID will need to input the Tracking ID(an example of which can be seen in the screenshot above which shows the tracking ID as UA-39325107-1)

Note 2:Google Analytics Login can be used with the the same as your Gmail or Google Plus userid and password.

Hope this guide will help you install Google Analytics on your blog or a website.


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