Just Cause 3 release date to be announced at E3?

Just Cause 3 release date announcement at E3

Just Cause 2 cover art
The next installment of the open-world,action-adventure video game franchise 'Just Cause' might be announced at E3.Even though there is no official information in regards of the Just Cause 3 release date a picture posted by the Christofer Sundberg(Co Founder of Avalanche Studios) tends to give some sort an idea of what can be expected of the next game of the franchise.

Sundberg hinted via twitter that the game might be announced in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.It is also to be noted that Avalanche studios had previously confirmed that one of their unannounced games of Project Mamba is under development and expected to release for the next generation consoles in 2014.This might just be a hint that the third title might release only on the next gen consoles and not on the PS3 or Xbox 360.

I really hope that along with the Just Cause 3 release date the company also announces the title's release on this generation consoles as majority of the gamers might not immediately think about moving on to the Next gen consoles.

If we look back at the previous installment of the game the Just Cause 2 System Requirements for PC were a bit steep as far the RAM was concerned.The game required a Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz capable CPU with a 512 MB DirectX 10 capable but required 3 GB Ram.The third game of the franchise might be a total different story as the technology has changed since the last release and if the second installment required 3GB RAM this might end up being a bit on the higher side.

The Just Cause 2 gameplay involved the players to free roam around the open world without only focusing on storyline.The third installment might follow the same theme but it will be interesting to know if anything extra is added within the game considering how competitive the gaming market in today's world is.

With the release date of God Of War Ascension and Tomb Raider along with new added multiplayer feature within the titles announced.I would not be surprised if Just Cause 3 Multiplayer gives a tough fight with a unique feature of its own.Of Course there is also a possibility that the the multiplayer feature might end up being just one of the Just Cause 3 rumors that might be floating around but if it does end up in the game it will definitely be a lot of fun especially in the open world.

It would be nice if the company can go ahead and release a Just Cause 3 trailer just to give the gamers a fair bit of idea of what to expect from the newest game of the franchise.In any case the Just Cause 3 Release date announcement around the corner is like an icing on the cake for gamers as there are already a few awesome games set for release in 2013.


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