Karma Mission in COD Black ops 2

Mission Karma in COD Black Ops 2

Its been a while since i played COD black ops 2.Today i finally got a chance of playing this First person shooter video game to all its glory once again and managed to complete another mission called Karma.This Mission follows the Falling Angel mission which i completed a couple of weeks back.Karma mission had a bit of a modern touch to it in comparison to other Black Ops missions i have played it was fun none the less.The mission basically involved around finding what Karma actually was and eventually going in pursuit of DeFlaco.

Mission Karma Objective:

The main objective of the mission was to get hold of DeFalco and his hostage.Incase Mason ended up being to slow to rescue the hostage the mission deviates but you still get a chance to re rescue the hostage as the strikeforce mission will be available even if you fail with the rescue.

The detailed Karma Mission Challenges in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 are:

  • Obtaining a retina scan within 60 seconds
  • Finding a Spiderbot
  • Eliminating 5 enemies with a headshot at Club Solar
  • Making sure no Civilians are hurt
  • Eliminating 5 Rappling Enemies
  • Eliminating 25 Enemies outdoor
  • Using Combatant Suppression Knuckles to knock out 20 enemies. 
  • Protecting the ASD resource from destruction
There was a part of Mission Karma where i was finding it hard to search for Karma within a computer screen while searching the keyword.Even though it was quite simple it took me quite a while before i could actually go through the part.The trick is simple you just need to press and hold the key displayed on the screen and move the mouse towards the direction shown.

Ziggy Moment in COD Black Ops 2

Ziggy scanning the retina in Mission Karma in COD Black ops 2
It was fun to use the Ziggy within the game the controls were better than i expected them to be.The main aim of using the Ziggy was to reach the technician to scan his eyeball.Remember Ziggy can only cling to smooth surfaces and not wires so you would need to stick to smooth walls.

Club Solar

Club Solar in Karma mission in COD Black Ops 2
When i said earlier that the Karma mission in COD Black ops 2 had a modern touch to it i meant with a specific portion of the game that involved being inside Club Solar.Your appearance in the club is short lived but well worth it.The aim is just to locate after which DeFalco blitzes the place and there is Chaos all around.

At the end of the mission you will catch DeFalco towards the exit of the hangar.If you do reach on time you end up shooting him and two of his buddies if not you fail the mission and there is no further action.

Black Ops 2 Videos From Mission Karma

Disable electro static filter

Fighting through Club Solar

Get through Security Checkup

Search for Karma

The COD Black Ops 2 storyline is fantastic and i truly enjoyed playing the Karma mission especially the part where you need to go in the Club Solar which eventually leads to pursuing DeFalco.I have heard from few of the gamers around that the Black Ops 2 Maps within the multiplayer aspect of the game do not disappoint either.I will soon check those out once i find some time.


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