How to do Keyword research to increase traffic

Tips on How to do Keyword research to increase traffic

A dream of every webmaster or a blogger is,has and will always remain having their website as the top result in Google Search.That being said,the main reason why everyone would love being on top of the search results is to see their site get a bulk of traffic.A very important factor before you can ace the search results is  doing a proper keyword research which is a practice followed by all the search engine optimization specialists.

Though the process of research looks a bit complicated its simpler than it sounds.There are a lot of free keywords tools which are available online through which you can easily target proper keywords based on the content you are working on.

Free Google Keyword tool

There are quite a few free tools which are available that help in finding the top keywords but when you ask any SEO experts you will find the most common one used is the Google Adwords tool.

To use the Google adwords tool all you need is to do is go to the Adwords login page and login with your Google credentials and search for words you are targeting.Please be aware that targeting words with low competition and one which is long will always be beneficial.I will be writing a full fledged post on how i use  Google Adwords tool for targeting soon.

Why Long Tail Keywords are better

While a single word can be targeted it is almost impossible to rank for it as the first result in Google.The ones who have already been ranking are there because of their backlinking strategy and because they have worked on the particular word for years through advertisements and probably hired an seo expert for the same as well.

For example if you are targeting a word called SEO,its always a better option if you look for something like seo optimization tips or seo tips and tricks etc.This will help you reduce the amount of competition as well as give you a good chance to get your website as the top result on Google for the keyword you have targeted.

Where should you use Keywords within a post or an article?

Once you have got the word you are looking to target,Make sure the keywords are located in the following places.
  • Single H1 Tag
  • H2 Tags
  • First Paragraph
  • Last Paragraph

Keyword Density

A very important factor to keep in mind is to make sure you do not stuff keywords that you are targeting within the post.Though many experts might say that the density no longer matters,its always advisable in keeping the density of keywords between 1-3%.

I use a free density tool called as Live Keywords Analysis which helps to copy the text i write into a free space and gives an idea of the density of the word i am trying to target.

Once you follow the above guide of how to do the research,You will realise that slowly your traffic is increasing.However bear in mind this will in no case happen over night.SEO is all about patience.Share your posts in Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter and other social networking websites of your choice and wait for the post or the article to generate backlinks.This will definitely help your post,article reach heights and very close towards the top of the Google Search results if not on top.

Hope you liked my basic guide of How to do keyword research.I will be back soon with an article on using adwords tool to target a specific word in which i will also be going into more details and how i do my research before i write a post.


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