Lost Planet 3 release date and trailer revealed

Lost Planet 3 release date and Trailer have been released

Lost Planet 3
The upcoming Third Person Shooter video game developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom for the Xbox 360,PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows has finally been revealed.A trailer along with Lost Planet 3 release date have now been confirmed by Capcom.

The release date of the Lost Planet 3 is set to be June 25th for North America and June 28th for Europe.Unlike the previous installments of the game,the title is being developed by Spark Unlimited and not internally at Capcom Japan.

Lost Planet 3 Storyline/Plot/Gameplay:

The game still involves being in an ice-age like environment rather than the tropical environment of the second installment.The Storyline involves Jim Peyton, a colonist working for NEVEC who helps mine the planet and send minerals back to Earth,where his family awaits him.Throughout the story Jim unravels Dark Secrets of NEVEC.

The gameplay will involve a story-driven adventure through which the players will be able to choose to take on core quests to move the story forward, or side-quests or side missions to help out other colonists.Just like role-playing games,the third installment will allow players to explore the open world which will help the players obtain side quests and equipment upgrades.The gameplay will involve single player and multiplayer modes.

You can have a look at the Lost Planet 3 trailer to get an idea of what to expect from the game.It feels like its been quite a while since the last game of the series released.With Lost Planet 3 release date revealed hopefully the story driven adventure will make the game much better than the second installment.


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