Miami Heat Vs Chicago Bulls 27/03/2013 results

Miami Heat Vs Chicago Bulls 27/03/2013 results,Review and Statistical Highlights

Miami Heat's loss to the Chicago Bulls yesterday (27/03/2013) saw history being created.The streak of Miami heat's 27 victories was finally broken when Chicago bulls defeated them at a score of 101-97.This was followed by a huge celebration.

The team will be a little disappointed after the final results showed them as the loosing side as they were just 6 wins short of creating a record which Los Angeles Lakers hold since 1972-73 of winning 33 matches in a stretch.

Statistical Highlights

The NBA match between Chicago Bulls and Miami heat on 27/03/2013 saw James trying to make a
comeback for Miami Heat to keep the steak alive during the final moments of the game after a rough foul but fell a little short.

The highlights of the match for Miami Heat was when there was one-tenths of a second left and James took the final inbounds of the pass at his own end,dropped the ball for the time to expire,turned and made his way towards the exit.

The other notable highlights for the Chicago Bulls was Loul Deng who scored 28 points,Carlos Boozer who scored 21 points and 17 rebounds

James did his best to keep the streak alive but it was just not their night.Chris Bosh scored 21 points and wade made 18 points before a sore knee sidelined him.The results

The final results showed the following score

1234 T

I think the match was a hard fought one and in the end the results showed a win for the deserving team.It was nice to see such a hard fought match after a long time.Since a few days no matter what i am seeing mostly everything seems to be one sided,this match turned out to be different and a little unexpected which was good for a change.

What did you think about the results of the NBA basketball match between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls on 27/03/2013?

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