Mission Odysseus in COD Black Ops 2

Odysseus Mission in COD Black Ops 2 - Objective and Challenges

After playing Achilles' Veil in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.The next mission that i played this week was called Odysseus,which revolved around Salazar's betrayal and fighting your way through the wreckage until you reach the flight towards the end.


The objective of Odysses is to choose between eliminating Admiral Briggs or injuring him.All other outcomes within the mission depends on the decisions you made during the earlier missions.


  • Find gift in Mason's state room,which is in located in the big area.
  • Take down  twenty Enemies with Combatant Suppression Knuckles.
  • Guide the SEAL team through the Ambush using the sniper.
  • Kill ten enemies with Turret.
  • Destroy three turrets when disabled.
  • Eliminate 8 Airborne enemies before they land.
  • Use a claw to eliminate 5 enemies.
  • Reach the extraction point within 90 seconds
The gameplay of this part of the game allowed players to play as Raul Menendez at a certain point when a decision had to be made to either eliminate or injure Admiral Briggs.one of the most interesting challenges for me was to find a gift in mason's state room.

COD Black Ops 2 - Odysseus Pictures

Raul Menendez with a hostage

Raul Menendez Handcuffed

Salazar's betrayal

Raul Menendez Secured

Odysseus Video

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