Payday 2 release date teased

Overkill Software hints Payday 2 release date

Payday 2
The Sequel of the cooperative first-person shooter video game 'Payday The Heist' which was developed by Overkill software and published by Sony Online Entertainment will be releasing this summer.

Even though the company has not confirmed the exact Payday 2 release date,Overkill Software has stated that the second title will be releasing sometime during this summer and will launch on Xbox Live,PlayStation 3 and PC.The release will be unlike the previous installment which managed to make its way only for PS3 consoles and PC.

Former Battlefield 3 lead designer confirmed that the upcoming second installment will be much bigger than the previous one as they have left no stones unturned.He further confirmed that they are taking the second title to the next level.

Gameplay will include a number of features that were not found in the first version such as

  • Skill and progression system.
  • Four different professions(With their own unique abilities)
The second installment is also likely to include single player and a co op mode just like the previous installment.To be honest i have not played earlier version but looking at the theme of the game it looks to be worth a try.

So far apart from the Payday 2 release date there have been no announcements made in regards to trailer or demo download of this cooperative first person shooter video game.


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