How to rename multiple files in windows

Rename Multiple files in windows

In today's tips and tricks section i am going to share with you a guide on how you can quickly rename multiple files within Microsoft Windows Operating system.Sometimes you might need to change name of the files within a folder to a same file name but with different numbers towards the end.This guide will let you know what you exactly need to do to achieve the same.Until finding out about this fix i was using an application called as Bulk Renamer,Which performs the same functions as i have explained in the guide below.

If you need more than one file renamed,the first thing you need to do is highlight the ones you are looking to change the name for by left clicking on the mouse and dragging it across the ones you are looking to target or by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard if you are looking to to target all the contents within a  particular folder.

Rename Multiple Files
Once they are highlighted press the F2 key on your Keyboard.

A cursor will appear on the name of the first file highlighted.Enter a file name of your choice.

Once you press enter the subsequent file names will have the same name but with numbers such as (1) (2) (3) towards the end.

Hope this guide helps you rename multiple files within the windows operating system.


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