Resident Evil Revelations for WII U details announced

Resident Evil Revelations for WII U features announced

Resident Evil Revelations

The features of the upcoming horror survival video game called Resident Evil Revelations or Biohazard Revelations for the WII U console have been announced by Capcom.The gamers will be able to use the gamepad of the WII U console as the mini map while playing the game.This will also allow players to manage the weapon inventory.

Resident Evil Revelations for WII U will also feature an option which will allow players to leave messages for other players about how to go through a particular area.A message to the monsters can also be written by players.An Off screen gameplay feature through the gamepad has also been included.

Capcom have also confirmed that all the versions of this upcoming horror survival single player,multiplayer video game will allow gamers to play as Rachel in the game's raid mode.The game is also set to feature two enemies Wall Blister and an unnamed creature.

Resident Evil Revelations is expected to launch for WII U,PlayStation 3,PC and Xbox 360 console on May 21st.Hopefully this version of the game will bring the franchise back on track after Resident Evil 6 received mixed reviews.


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