Saints Row 4 release date and trailer unveiled

Saints Row 4 release date has been announced

A teaser trailer and release date of the open world,Action-Adventure video game 'Saints Row 4' has been announced by Volition Inc.The company has further confirmed deep silver as the new franchise owner along with Saints Row 4 release date which is expected to be on August 20 in North America and August 23 for the rest of the world.It is expected to be released for Xbox 360,PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

Gameplay and Storyline

Saints Row
The Fourth installment will continue the story of the three street saints but will be a little different.This time the head of the Saint is elected as the USA president and needs to protect the world from an Alien Invasion.The gameplay will allow players to use various super powers to fight against the alien invaders.

A deep silver representative has confirmed with  Joystiq that the fourth installment is not just an expansion but a whole new game.It was further confirmed that the expansions were cancelled but a few elements were included within the fourth game.

Single Player and Multiplayer

Much like its previous installment this version will also include a single player and a multiplayer mode.The previous games included an online multiplayer,in game mobile phone and GPS navigation.The franchise has come a long way since its first release on the PlayStation 2 console in 2005 but continues to have a massive fan following and this might just be what the fans are waiting for.

Apart from the Saints Row 4 release date and trailer no other official details regarding the multiplayer and demo were announced.


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