Skyrim PC update brings legendary difficulty

Skyrim PC update will add Legendary Difficulty

The superhit action,role-playing,open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios is back and is better than ever.Bethesda has confirmed that the latest Skyrim PC update will include a new Legendary difficulty and a number of tweaks and fixes within the video game.

The Elder Scrolls SkyrimThe Bugs fixed in the new PC Update will include a fix for the rare instance when couriers appear only dressed in a hat among many other tweaks listed here

Bethesda has also asked the players to make sure they download a copy of their saved games just to make sure the update does not overwrite their saved game files.

The Skyrim PC Update features:

The main feature of this role playing classic will include
  • Legendary difficulty setting
  • Legendary Skills that can be achieved within the game
The players who would like the beta version of the pc update of Skyrim can opt for the same by selecting the Beta tab from the Steam properties  and then choosing the option from the dropbox.

Besides the PC Version of Skyrim,PS3 version of the game had also received a few new  DLC'S released in FebruaryThe Legendary difficulty in  skyrim update 1.9 might just be what the players who might have finished the game in all other difficulties might be waiting for.


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