How to Speed up Windows 7 to enhance performance

A guide on How to Speed up Windows 7

A common problem any PC/Laptop owners have is the computer taking ages to load.It tends get even more frustrating especially when you are in between something and the system fails to respond.Makes you tear you hair doesn't it?
Windows 7

Keeping that in mind in today i will share with you a few tips and tricks which will help you speed up windows 7 and make your life a lot easier.

The first thing to keep in mind while you speed up windows 7 is getting your priorities right.Unless you have an alienware or a computer which has hardware specification which is really high you will not be able to get everything at once.You will need to either sacrifice on the performance or the look.Like everyone else i hate the basic look of windows but the performance it gives me is at least three times better than aero and other features enabled.lets get into a bit more details on speeding up your windows 7

Get the Windows 7 Basic Look

To get the basic look go to Start Menu-->Control Panel-->System and security-->System-->Advanced System Settings (on the left hand side)-->Advanced -->Below Performance-->Settings-->Visual Effects and click on Adjust for best performance or right click on computer icon within the start menu or desktop -->Properties-->Advanced system settings (on he left hand side) -->Advanced-->Below Performance settings-->Visual effects and click on Adjust for best performance

Once you have selected the best performance click on Apply and then OK.The look of your windows will now be Basic and will not feature aero and other graphics that eat up your RAM.This will definitely help you speed up Windows 7

If you are looking to move a step further to make sure that your PC or a laptop is optimized to a maximum level the you can increase the size of the virtual RAM.

Increasing Size of Virtual RAM

You can try experimenting by changing the size of the Virtual RAM as well.To increase the size of the virtual RAM  go to the same screen as i said earlier but instead of Visual effects tab you need to select Advanced.Once you reach the screen you then need to the remove tick near Automatically manage paging file size for all drive which will make the area editable.

Once you are on the edit screen you can put a bullet next to custom size and set an initial and maximum size.A point to note here is to make sure you check how much space you have on your hard disk and don't allocate all the free space as a virtual Ram.Try to allocate 5-10 percent of it and gradually increase it keeping in mind how much hard disk space you are willing to sacrifice.

Third Party Software to Speed up Windows 7

One of the best applications i have been using over the years to clear temporary files and cache is CCleaner which is very easy to use and really works wonders to improve your system's optimization by clearing Cookies,Temporary files and Stale registry files.

If none of the above steps to speed up windows 7 work for you then the problem might be with your hardware as in most cases this should at least help in enhancing your system's performance by 75%.


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